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In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, almost all of your property is considered property of the bankruptcy estate. This means that the bankruptcy trustee can take your nonexempt assets and sell them to repay your creditors. In most cases, state and federal bankruptcy exemptions protect your disability benefits from the Chapter 7 trustee.

The trustee, with the court’s approval, may employ, for a specified special purpose, other than to represent the trustee in conducting the case, an attorney that has represented the debtor, if in the best interest of the estate, and if such attorney does not represent or hold any interest adverse to the debtor or to the estate with respect to the matter on which such attorney is to be employed.

Bankruptcy: Bankruptcy, the status of a debtor who has been declared by judicial. of liquidation proceedings and restricts it to special procedures entailing the.

Gymboree entered bankruptcy with a $30 million debtor-in-possession financing package from Special Situations Investing Group and goldman sachs specialty lending holdings to finance its operations and.

The web site for the United States Bankruptcy Court of the Western District of Kentucky offers general court information and case-related information. Operating hours, locations, maps, payment methods, telephone numbers, local rules, and general bankruptcy information are examples of available general court information.

There are important advantages and disadvantages of Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection that should be considered before you make any decisions. Learn more about bankruptcy, Chapter 7, Chapter 13, debt discharge, property, and other legal issues at FindLaw’s Bankruptcy section.

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding involving a person or business that is unable to repay outstanding debts. The bankruptcy process begins with a petition filed by the debtor , which is most common.

Declaring bankruptcy is a last resort to solving financial problems. If you owe past due federal taxes that you cannot pay, bankruptcy may be an option. Other options include an.

More families who have special needs children or other disabled dependents are considering bankruptcy. Because a disability can become financially draining, causing families to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt, bankruptcy is often a good choice.

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Gymboree Group has sought authorization from the U.S. Bankruptcy Court to continue operating stores. gymboree group has also entered into an asset purchase agreement with Special Situations.