Case Update

Brian Foley, Executive Assistant to the Commissioner of the Connecticut State Police provided an update about the Jennifer Dulos case.

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Do not wait to reach out to David to discuss your case. Any delays could result in substantial problems when trying to build your defense. The prosecutors have already started preparing a case against you. You need to start protecting your legal rights now. The sooner you begin getting experienced and expert legal help, the better.

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Gaos, a case in which CIR filed a supporting (amicus) brief. At issue in Gaos is the abusive use of a feature of some class action settlements, known as cy pres awards, in which lower courts award funds. read More Posted in Case Updates

The maximum number of arguments in a CASE expression is 255. All expressions count toward this limit, including the initial expression of a simple CASE expression and the optional ELSE expression. Each WHEN. THEN pair counts as two arguments. To avoid exceeding this limit, you can nest CASE expressions so that the return_expr itself is a CASE.

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CASE is the special scalar expression or conditional statement in the SQL language which returns a single value based on the evaluation of a statement. In this article, you use case with an update statement. So let’s have a look at a practical example of how to use a case with Update statement in SQL Server 2012.

 · Buffalo Congressman Chris Collins is expected to plead guilty Tuesday in connection with an insider trading case. A notice Monday morning on the docket for the case in Manhattan Federal Court indicated a “change of plea hearing” for Collins at 3 p.m.

Here you can find updates on legal cases of raw milk farmers defending themselves in court against local and state charges. Many of these farmers are members of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, and the Fund is representing them.We urge all raw milk farmers and buying clubs who offer raw milk to join the fund.

CHICAGO (WLS) — A judge ordered prosecutors and police to unseal documents in the case of "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett on Thursday. The records were sealed in March shortly after charges.