Democrats: Still The Party Of Oppression

The response, and ensuing confusion, reflected one of the deepest fault lines among Democrats heading into 2020 – on an issue the party hopes to use as a cudgel. but private insurers could still.

Roger L. Simon. Ninety percent of the racism in America today comes from the Democratic Party and the Left. They live off it and exploit it. It is unconscionable to the degree they do this, ruining the lives and futures of the very people they say they are helping in the process.

 · ”The Democratic Party historically is the party of slavery. The Democratic Party is the party of Jim Crow laws. The democratic party fought civil rights for a century. And so by rights – or at least by the standards established by the Cultural Revolutionaries of today’s American left – we should ban the Democratic Party.

In February, Democrats Wrap Up Black Amnesia Month. The Democratic party supported slavery from its inception in the 1830s until it split over the issue in 1860. In January 1865, 100 percent of House Republicans supported the 13th Amendment, which abolished slavery. Among those who voted, 78 percent of House Democrats opposed abolition. .

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In 1963, the Democrat Governor of Alabama, George Wallace, stood blocking a doorway, refusing to allow a black girl to enter a white school that had just been desegregated by law. And if the Democrats were still racist in 1963, that means Democrat hero Franklin D. Roosevelt was part of the old racist democratic party.

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The more that Democrats write off the white working class, which has been experiencing a drastic decline in living standards, the harder it is for them to call themselves a party of the little guy.

Democratic Party: Democratic Party, one of the two major political parties, alongside the Republican Party, in the United States. The Democratic Party underwent a dramatic ideological change over its history, transforming from a pro-slavery party during the 19th century to the main american progressive party today.

A generation of Democrats. they still deem him their enemy despite policies that have helped the country. They lie about everything from immigration policies begun under Obama to Trump’s Russia.

The Democratic Party’s Evolving Racism Toward Blacks By Jeffrey B. Shellan Democrats continue their 200-year tradition of setting low standards for African Americans.