FBI desperate for information on the Geezer Bandit after robbery

‘Geezer Bandit’ Robs His 13th Bank. The FBI is on the hunt for the "geezer bandit" after his 13th bank robbery in California since August 2009. The bandit, who appears to be an elderly man, robbed a Bank of America, in Goleta, Calif., in Santa Barbara County, on Friday.

Anyone with information concerning the Geezer Bandit is asked to contact the FBI at telephone number (858) 565-1255 or anonymously to Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-8477.

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"We have no information that indicates that the Geezer Bandit is a Cal Poly student or is a college student at all," FBI Special Agent and San diego media coordinator darrell foxworth said. The most recent of the Geezer Bandit’s 16 robberies occurred at the San luis obispo bank of America on Dec. 2, 2011 .

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An elderly man dubbed the "Geezer Bandit" has allegedly robbed another bank in California, making this his ninth suspected robbery in the San Diego area.The FBI told local news media that the.

wrinkle and unshaven. the fbi says he’s responsible for at least a dozen bank robberies across california and the geezer bandit as he’s come to be known gets away every time. but in this back alley warehouse in los angeles, a dead ringer for the bandit himself. >> i had a lot of hard years in my life. >> reporter: his name is rusty slusher. >> back in my day, we didn’t have television, we had radio. >>.

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The FBI has started to question makers of special effects masks to get insight into the Geezer Bandit robberies. This comes in part after a white male in ohio pleaded guilty to robbing banks in a mask that made him look like a black male.

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FBI agents in California are hunting another ageing serial armed bank robber, after. for information and asks visitors to "Become a fan on Facebook at the ‘Southern California Bank Security -.