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"Three Ways to Grow Your Sales with Better Credit Management" Presented by speaker: lisa balter saacks: Head of business development bluetarp, Financial, Inc. Lisa has over two decades of business development, sales & executive management experience in FinTech, financial media and banking.

Credit union sales managers should group members based on which products and services they may need. This practice not only gives the credit union a more realistic goal for each product and service, it also makes cross selling more effective by avoiding the one-size fits all, "you want fries with that?" approach.

Solution: To bridge this relationship gap, a bank or credit union has to first. stories you tell digitally on your website, on social media or in videos becomes the people in the communities that.


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An opportunity for Moven (and your credit union) to grow with content marketing. Five ways to use guided selling to enhance your credit union website.. Get CUInsight delivered to your inbox.

4-Step Process to Improving Bank and Credit Union Cross-Selling. To figure it out, take the number of products and services sold divided by the number of customers (or households). Set your goals for improving this number. The 4-Step Process for Improving Cross-Selling Banks and credit unions can increase their sales through more effective marketing,

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Experian Insights Search. Loading. 3 ways to enhance your credit marketing efforts. January 19, 2017 by Kyle Matthies When you think. But, most of this data is based on a "snapshot" of the credit profile and ignores trends in the consumer’s use of credit.

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