Raccoon pictured ‘riding alligator’

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A Palatka, Florida, man says he snapped a picture of a raccoon on top of an alligator in the Ocala National Forest on Saturday morning. Richard Jones said he and his family were walking along the.

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Early Sunday, various media outlets in Florida received an email with a photo of a raccoon apparently riding on the back of an alligator. richard jones of Palatka, Florida emailed WFTV and said he.

While walking with his family in Florida’s Ocala national forest sunday, richard jones spotted a raccoon scurry away from the group and jump on top of an alligator for a lazy ride down the nearby.

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. This is indeed a raccoon standing atop an alligator. Richard Jones of Palatka, Florida, told WFTV that he and his family had been walking along the Ocklawaha.

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A video taken by a mother and daughter during a car ride shows a raccoon sitting in the lap of a driver and poking its head out of a car window riding next to them on a road in Citrus County. The.

A Palatka, Florida resident captured a unique photo over the weekend – a raccoon sitting atop an alligator. Richard Jones told WFTV that he and his family were walking along the Oaklawaha River in the Ocala National Forest when they spotted a raccoon along the waters edge, adjacent to an alligator. Jones’ son pushed through some palm fronds to get a better shot, inadvertently startling the.

The incredible picture was snapped by a man named Richard Jones in Florida’s Ocala National Forest on Sunday. Unfortunately, the raccoon-alligator pair-up isn’t for a new live-action Disney movie:.

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