The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Investments Tied To Subprime Junk May Leave Florida Pension Fund “Holding The Bag”

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CalPERS cut the pensions of the only four city retirees in the tiny town of. CalPERS functions as a money manager, investing the funds paid into the system by state and local. Loyalton, home to about 760 people, has a single full -time city. to determine how much it may cost to leave the pension system.

 · A dive in equities may not coincide with Christmas – that would be a shame – but rather sometime in early 2012, likely in the first quarter and quite possibly in January as profits are taken early in the year on stocks pumped to unwieldy heights in December.

Proceed with caution before raiding your golden years to fund the purchase of a house. Two Ways to Use Retirement Money to Buy a Home | Fox Business News

California, Florida, Michelle Obama: Your Monday Briefing Ted Cruz of Texas and House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California. Mr. Obama spent hours in Orlando, Florida, consoling the loved ones of 49 people who were killed in a shooting rampage at a.

 · "The Big Short" begins with Lewis Ranieri, a Solomon Brothers banker who invented the idea of packaging home loans into investments called mortgage-backed securities (MBS).

NEW YORK — The financial crisis on wall street overwhelmed the 2008 presidential race today, as republican presidential nominee john McCain this afternoon said he would suspend his presidential.

Nashville's public pension system invested city workers' retirement funds in the nation's. money into junk bonds, hedge funds, troubled mortgages, private equity funds and. If successful, these “alternative investments” can earn greater profits, but they also. That can tie up dollars needed to pay retirees.

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The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Investments Tied To Subprime Junk May Leave Florida Pension Fund "Holding The Bag. The Home Equity Theft Reporter: Use Of Voluntary Dismissal To Dodge Scrutiny After Failed Attempt To Dupe Court By Producing, Filing Dubious Docs At Issue In Recent Foreclosure.

The top 5 percent control 62 percent of all the wealth in the US. Wealth is the true measure of power in the current economy. If you make $50,000 a year and spend all $50,000 then you are left with zero dollars at the end of the year (which seems to be the common path for most Americans).